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Truestar Health AV Upgrade


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Truestar Health

12481 High Bluff Dr
92130 San Diego , CA


Truestar’s mission is to be the world’s leading provider of natural health education and products. Truestar's mission includes empowering and partnering with many individuals and organizations to educate and motivate people of all ages to learn how to improve their lives through the five key areas of health (Nutrition, Exercise, Vitamins, Attitude and Sleep).


Truestar Health is a Web-based educational company that offers health tools and products to enhance the well-being of people of all ages. Truestar's philosophy is based on five key elements of wellness, each represented by the point of a star. The company was founded in 2002 and launched as a paid site but became free to all users in 2011. Among Truestar Health's consultants and contributors are Dr. Gregg Jeffries of Harvard University and medical intuitive and best-selling author Carolyn Myss, PhD. Truestar's extensive range of top-quality vitamins is rated number one in North America. The company is headquartered in Toronto and opened an office in Del Mar, California.

The fitness and wellness industry uses audiovisual technology not only to entertain clients while they are working out but also to educate those clients and train new associates. Flat panel TVs and digital projectors and screens can be used in fitness centers or conference rooms.

The scope of work at Truestar Health's facility in Del Mar included three areas:

  • Conference room
  • Presentation area / lounge area / open workspace
  • Reception/display area

In each area, ITAV installed a state-of-the-art video display system to be used for presentations or as digital signage. The presentation area was equipped with a microphone at the podium, an in-ceiling subwoofer and ceiling speakers. ITAV also connected the audio from this area to the break room and added a volume control for optional listening. ITAV's goal was to provide Truestar with audiovisual solutions that would support its operations and sustain its growth.

ITAV Solutions' experience with various large corporations, including many Fortune 500 firms, translated perfectly to this installation for Truestar Health. ITAV's extensive AV industry experience (over 50 years combined) is diverse enough to apply to any audiovisual project, regardless of its scope and complexity. Expert project managers select the right components for each client's needs and budget, and professional installers get the job done seamlessly, with minimal intrusion.