Ceiling Speakers

While often overlooked and overshadowed by sleeker equipment such as flat panel displays, the ceiling speaker is a very common component of AV system installations. Speakers may be individual can-style devices that are attached to the ceiling or a special ceiling tile that is barely noticeable once installed. Ceiling speakers work with an audio amplifier to reinforce sound in conference rooms, whether that sound comes from a presenter using a microphone at the front of the room or a different source, such as a DVD player and TV or a PC. Some of the more popular brands of commercial ceiling speakers include Tannoy, JBL and Bose. More recently, other popular AV manufacturers have entered the ceiling speaker market. Examples of these new market entrants include Extron Electronics and Crestron.

ITAV Solutions has considerable experience in coordinating speaker size, quality and quantity with the appropriate amplifier, from both design and installation standpoints. Project managers take possible sound sources, room size, room acoustics and audience size into account to determine the optimal speaker system for each project. The resulting installation is unobtrusive and sometimes virtually invisible. With multiple certifications from Biamp Systems, ClearOne and other manufacturers, ITAV’s staff can design and install a comprehensive audio system with optimal use of the corresponding ceiling speakers.


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