Design Only

Audiovisual design refers to identifying client needs, compiling a list of parts and providing line or CAD drawings. In design-only, also known as design or pure design, the audiovisual designer is kept out of the eventual bid process for the installation. This is sometimes done if the client feels there is a conflict of interest or wishes to have a complete design and budget approval prior to awarding a contract. Under a design-only scenario, the client engages with ITAV Solutions not only to consult but also to go further and actually develop a written scope of work and/or request for proposal (RFP), which the client can take and use to solicit bids for their upcoming project.

ITAV engineers are experts in generating the required deliverables for a simple, moderate or complex audiovisual design. For everything from a basic conference room containing a projector and screen, to a 450,000-square-foot, ground-up corporate headquarters, ITAV has the engineering talent to design an efficient and properly functioning AV system from scratch. Whether working with the end user (client) directly or through an intermediary such as an architect or general contractor, ITAV acts as a partner in guiding the AV design from start to finish.

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