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Flat panels and digital projection systems are the two types of visual displays. Both digital projectors and flat panel displays show images from laptops and desktop PCs, digital signage, DVD players, Blu-ray players, tablets, and other sources. However, there are two separate components to consider in the installation of a digital projection system: both the projector and the projection screen. Some projection screens alone cost as much as or more than the average-size flat panel TV (40 to 60 inches). Once the cost of the actual projector is factored in, the total cost for a projection system installation is much higher than that of a flat screen. In the case of a ceiling-mounted projection screen, installing the necessary support structure adds to the total expense.

After screen size, the next most important factor to consider when choosing a projection system is aesthetics. With a flat panel display installation, the display is permanently affixed to the wall. A benefit of projection systems is the possibility of using an electric projection screen which, when not in use, can easily be hidden from view with the flip of a switch. Also, the projector itself can be concealed with a projector lift. It is actually possible for a user to completely hide the fact that the room contains an audiovisual solution. For some customers, an uncluttered room may be a priority, and a digital projection system can meet this requirement.

Choosing a projection system that works well in a new build-out can be challenging. ITAV Solutions must take many factors, including ceiling height, room length and lighting, into account in order to provide the client with an ideal solution. The staff at ITAV have collectively installed more than 2,000 projection screens to date within commercial environments. This compounded experience contributes to and expands with each new project and allows ITAV to complete installations on time and within budget.

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