Flat Panel LCD/LED TVs

In the early 2000s, the costs associated with flat panel TVs were simply too much of a burden for many small businesses. Today, flat panel TVs have become more popular, and prices have dropped considerably. Another major market change is that plasma TVs are far less prevalent and LCD/LED TVs are now more common.

Flat panel LCD/LED TVs have many advantages over plasma TVs. The most important advantage may be the power savings afforded by newer models. With many organizations now taking part in the green movement, which focuses on saving energy and being efficient, LCD/LED TVs are the number-one choice among information technology directors and facility managers.

In addition to the decrease in price, another trend in flat panel TVs is a significant increase in the average screen size. Whereas in the early 2000s a 42- to 50-inch TV may have been considered “large,” the average TV size is now anywhere from 50 to 80 inches. However, even if a 70-inch TV fits into a client’s budget, it may not be the appropriate size TV for a particular room. Many factors determine proper screen size selection, including the type of application, room size, ceiling height and ambient light.

In general, and for most normal installations, flat panel TVs are becoming the new standard for board rooms and collaborative space environments. ITAV Solutions is ready to help its clients select the perfect display. Because ITAV does not favor particular manufacturers, the engineer is able to find the product that best suits the client’s exact situation. This product diversification maximizes cost savings and is more likely to result in the best equipment fit for the client’s needs. With direct manufacturer relationships and by staying up to date with the latest display technologies, ITAV is at the cutting edge of display knowledge and implementation.

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