Nurse Call / Paging Systems

Paging systems and nurse call systems are similar in nature. Paging systems, also known as public address (PA) systems, are an integral part of the daily functions of many businesses: manufacturing facilities, airports, schools and arenas, etc. These systems allow the user to broadcast a message throughout a large facility and even into several separate rooms via an input device (microphone), amplifier and output device (loudspeaker).

Nurse call systems are similar; however, the person who initiates the message is usually a patient (or representative thereof) in a hospital bed or lavatory. Patients use nurse call systems to alert staff of a need or perhaps an emergency. Such a system may either activate a light and/or an alarm tone at the nurses’ station or feature an intercom to allow for two-way communications between a patient or proxy and a staff member. Newer systems enable nurses to carry handheld devices (similar to pagers or cell phones) that allow them to receive and respond to alerts from any location. Many call systems are integrated with other equipment controls for the patient, such as TV remotes and bed adjustment controls.

The team of professionals at ITAV Solutions is sensitive to clients’ privacy needs, whether they be HIPAA regulations in a healthcare environment, confidentiality required in school settings, government security clearances, or simply a request to protect proprietary information. Certified engineers, project managers and installers work carefully to design a nonintrusive system and put that system into place with minimal disruption to the daily workflow of its clients. In all sectors of healthcare, government and corporate installations, ITAV has the vast experience and skill set necessary to take on any project that features paging / nurse call systems within its scope.

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