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Structured computer and telephone (CAT or Cat) cabling is often called the “backbone” of an office. Consisting typically of Cat5e or Cat6 cables, structured cabling is simply copper-based cabling that runs from a central networking switch or hub to individual workstation PCs. This cabling ties all of the computers within an organization into a hardwired network. For typical office uses, running structured cabling is the preferred connectivity method since it is the most reliable and most secure way for computers and Ethernet devices to communicate.

Because offices depend on their computer and telephone networks each minute of every day, ITAV Solutions knows how important it is to provide clients with fast, reliable structured cabling. ITAV installers are experts in network deployment and management; certified engineers can assess a client’s existing network and recommend upgrades, or they can develop an entire system from scratch for a new construction build-out. ITAV utilizes RCDD® engineers to design and deploy the more extensive structured cabling systems often featured in high-end corporate and government projects.

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