Within the biotech industry, audiovisual is often used in laboratory scenarios to capture processes such as experiments and clinical trials. Some biotech companies that offer specialized bone, spine and organ implants like to use their products in live surgeries and record the entire process from start to finish. As discussed under Camera Systems, setting up such systems to either recordvideo footage via DVR or stream live is a common request from specific types of industries; biotech and consumer testing groups use camera systems frequently.

In Biotech companies, like other clients that are housed in Class A/B office space, often have AV needs in their conference rooms, boardrooms, and training rooms. These companies need collaborative conference rooms with video display systems, sound reinforcement and options for audio/video conferencing and recording. A common setup in the biotech world is to have dual offices in the main biotech hubs of both San Diego, California and Boston, Massachusetts. With dual offices, proper communication between all parties becomes crucial. ITAV often introduces the proven solution of HD video conferencing to its biotech clients. This technology helps keep transportation costs to a minimum and allows both West Coast and East Coast staff to maintain efficient communication without having to leave their offices.

Because biotech companies often work with confidential proprietary information and hold revolutionary products on site, it is essential that these companies protect themselves with the best surveillance and access control systems. ITAV Solutions knows that confidentiality and security are crucial within the biotech industry. ITAV has HIPAA certification indicating its awareness of the respect for privacy.

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