Having worked with many Fortune 500 companies over the years, ITAV Solutions has extensive experience designing and installing audiovisual systems for the most demanding of corporate end users. Many corporate clients have a need for a diversified audiovisual installation, often comprised of display solutions (TVs and projectors), audio solutions (ceiling speakers and microphones) and audio/video conferencing. ITAV brings a fresh level of audiovisual expertise and professionalism to the corporate environment. ITAV excels in this vertical due to its philosophy of caring and outstanding customer service.


While needs vary from client to client, the most prevalent need for AV in the corporate arena is for the display of some form of media. Presentation formats have changed over the years; however, the most common forms today are HD projection systems and HD flat panel displays. Some corporate entities are very heavy users of audiovisual, and this commonly translates to having a larger office footprint, with a large employee base. For clients with exceptional AV requirements, ITAV has a proven track record with Fortune 500 companies. ITAV has managed large-scale AV requirements for one particular Fortune 500 company for a number of years including design, consulting, installation, engineering and global project management.

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